Why we prioritize belonging at Zurn Elkay Water Solutions

To perform at your best and love your work, it’s vital to be comfortable sharing your thoughts, be recognized for your successes and feel like you belong on your team. 

That’s why as we work to build talent within Zurn Elkay Water Solutions, we continue to focus on ensuring diversity, equity and inclusion and supporting a sense of belonging for all.

Strengthening our DEI efforts

In 2020, we began to strengthen the foundations of our DEI efforts with listening groups – open conversations fostering dialogue with associates who identify as Black, Latinx, LGBTQ+, Asian, Women, Disabled, Veterans, Men, Early Career Professions and members of other communities. 

Building on what we have learned as we continue to listen, we are working to drive even greater inclusion within our organization. In 2021, all our recruiters earned AIRS Certified Diversity and Inclusion Recruiter status, demonstrating that they had completed training on strategies and techniques for attracting diverse talent.

We also introduced two training modules for our annual Code of Conduct training — Overcoming Unconscious Bias in the Workplace and Leading Diversity — and launched a mentoring program for associates. Employee Resource Groups also play an important role at Zurn Elkay for further fostering diversity and inclusion, and creating spaces of community. 

Measuring our progress

To ensure that our efforts continue to drive positive change, we measure our progress. Our Associate Inclusion Index tracks the average affirmative responses to the following questions from our Total Associate Engagement survey: 

  • I feel as if I belong on my team.

  • I receive appropriate recognition when I do a good job.

  • I am comfortable voicing my ideas and opinions, even when if they are different than others’.

The industry average for these questions is 70% affirmative responses. Our goal is to continue to maintain a score that is higher than the average. In 2021, our total score was 83%. 

Looking ahead, we are continuing to focus on tailoring diversity and inclusion strategies to each business function, establishing goals and evaluating our recruitment, onboarding and development processes.

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