How our Employee Resource Groups make an impact

We’re committed to a culture where everyone at Zurn Elkay Water Solutions feels comfortable and supported as their true selves. Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) offer our people ways to make and build internal connections, and help create a more inclusive workplace.

Here are the ERGs currently available within Zurn Elkay:

  • Women — an ERG that provides networking and mentoring opportunities for women. Our mentoring program launched in 2021 through our Women ERG.

  • B.E.R.G. — the Black Employee Resource Group (B.E.R.G.) that aims to inspire African American associates professionally, culturally and through service, while providing a safe space where associates can gather and have their voices heard and uplifted.

  • Eastern Energy Squad — the Asian/Pacific Islander ERG that aims to educate and bring social awareness to those unfamiliar with AAPI culture, beliefs and traditions, and build stronger professional and personal relationships among associates.

  • Drive — an ERG that focuses on those early in their careers, working to help build opportunities and connections throughout the organization.

  • HOLA! LATINX Resource Community — an ERG started by associates with diverse Hispanic and Latinx backgrounds, to create a safe, inclusive platform to express concerns, heighten awareness and increase inclusion.

  • Spectrum — an LGBTQ+ ERG that promotes visibility of workplace and social issues related to the LGBTQ+ community and seeks to foster an inclusive culture that supports LGBTQ+ associates.

We hope to continue to develop and launch additional ERGs and keep embedding our diversity, equity and inclusion commitment throughout our business. 

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