Helping manage water safety where the challenges are greatest

Our focus on providing sustainable and hygienic water solutions means our products conserve resources and enhance the environment, while also helping keep people safe. Approximately 30% of our sales come from products that promote health and safety.

Zurn Elkay Water Solutions’ innovations help manage water safety in places where the challenges are greatest, and where health and hygiene are paramount.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Our touch-free fixtures and ceramic basins covered with antimicrobial-glaze prohibit bacteria, mold and fungus growth to help healthcare facilities reduce bacterial transfer at nurses’ stations and surgeon scrub areas.

  • Our acid neutralization cartridges and tanks allow laboratories and research facilities to safely discharge wastewater.

  • Our filtered drinking fountains and bottle filling stations make cleaner, healthier water available in schools. Water is essential to kids’ health since the whole body works better when it’s hydrated. 

  • Our backflow preventors protect water quality and prevent water-borne illnesses by keeping unclean or contaminated water out of drinking supplies.

  • Our suite of interceptor products helps keep fat, grease, oil, sediments and hair out of the public sewage system, protecting sewage treatment plants that are crucial for maintaining healthy communities.

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