Responsible sourcing supports our ESG commitments

Providing sustainably inspired products and solutions means committing to thoughtful, responsible sourcing of materials and maintaining a sustainable, resilient supply chain. 

At Zurn Elkay Water Solutions, our suppliers are integral to our business, and we expect them to adhere to the same high standards as our associates for ethics, human rights, diversity and environmental stewardship.

Responsible Sourcing Philosophy

We have developed a Responsible Sourcing Philosophy and are incorporating it into our strategic planning and sourcing practices. It is designed to:

We have prioritized efforts to continuously improve and enhance the sustainability of our global supply chain. We work with our suppliers on environmental and social issues such as climate change mitigation, supplier environmental management systems, health and safety, labor and human rights, and materials management, including adherence to rules governing conflict minerals.

Managing risk for critical materials 

We continually evaluate risks related to the variety of critical materials used in our products. This includes key commodities subject to the risk of supply chain restrictions, working to balance costs and risks related to changing markets and supply. In all situations, we implement appropriate risk mitigation efforts to ensure availability of product.

Several measures support these efforts:

  • Our Supply Chain Risk Assessment process alerts us to issues with supply base stability and continuity, including those related to geopolitical concerns

  • We employ unique stocking strategies for key materials

  • We approve multiple sources for supply whenever possible

Zurn Elkay purchases critical materials both directly for our production needs as well as through our assembly partners. When engaging with suppliers, our Supply Chain organization uses our Supplier Code of Conduct to set clear expectations related to conducting business, worker safety, and regulatory compliance with local laws. The Supplier Code of Conduct is standard in all of our procurement agreements.

Responsible sourcing of conflict minerals

As part of our commitment to business practices that foster human health and safety, Zurn Elkay supports responsible sourcing of conflict minerals. We comply with the Security and Exchange Commission’s (SEC’s) conflict minerals reporting requirements, which help safeguard against the potential for labor and human rights violations. 

We expect our suppliers to source such minerals from smelters or refiners that have completed an independent third-party conflict minerals audit. We survey our supply base annually to ensure compliance and to gather information about conflict minerals use. Additional information on our management of conflict minerals can be found in our Conflict Minerals Policy.

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