Helping Customers Meet Sustainable Building Guidelines

We collaborate with our customers to help them achieve sustainability goals in their building projects.

One of the most important contributions we make to customers is delivering solutions that help them achieve building certification from industry-leading sustainability guidelines.

Zurn Elkay is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, which sponsors the LEED green building rating system. We design products that meet or exceed LEED standards—helping our customers achieve certification for their projects. For example, Zurn Omni-Flo™ urinals provide 87% water consumption savings over traditional 1.0 gpf urinals, helping exceed the LEED 30% threshold. 

Additionally, we offer 850 products that carry EPA WaterSense certification, a significant expansion over 546 we offered in 2021. These products help building owners achieve water efficiency LEED points and include hygienic sensor operated flush valves and faucets, connected faucets and flush valves, manual and metering faucets, and Water Saver showerheads.

We are also a member of the International WELL Building Institute, which sponsors the WELL building standard. This framework emphasizes building design elements that support people’s health and wellness by focusing on the key concepts of air, water, nourishment, light, movement, thermal comfort, sound, materials, mind and community. Building projects earn points for sustainable features that address specific health and wellness priorities in the WELL categories, with scores corresponding to certification levels: Silver (50 points); Gold (60 points); Platinum (80 points).

Zurn Elkay helps building owners achieve WELL Certification with a high-performance portfolio that advances human health and well-being in any facility type. We offer more than a dozen product categories that may contribute to WELL points for enhancing bathroom accommodations, reusing non potable water and reducing surface contact. For example:

Trench drain 1
Floor drains 1
Touchless sensor flush valves 1
Fixture systems 1
Changing tables 1
Lavatory 1
Bottle fillers 1
PEX pipe fittings 2
Touchless sensor flush valves 2
Manual flush valves 2
Touchless sensor faucets 2
Touchless soap dispensers 2
Hand dryers 2
Hand washing systems 2

To enhance our support of customers pursuing WELL certification, we’ve created a dedicated product website that showcases Zurn Elkay products that may contribute to WELL points. This resource helps building owners quickly calculate the potential impact of choosing sustainable solutions from Zurn Elkay.

To learn more about how Zurn Elkay Water Solutions is leading the way on sustainability, view all of our Environment stories.