How connected products help increase sustainability

What if you could do more than simply install water-conserving fixtures? What if you could also understand how those fixtures are used and adjust your water management accordingly?

That’s the beauty of Zurn's suite of smart, connected products. They combine a cloud database and user-friendly software to help building owners conserve water, improve hygiene and reduce operating costs.

It’s like having an odometer attached to your water system so you can monitor its use and respond quickly to opportunities or issues.

Here are some advantages of smart, connected products:

  • Using sensors, Zurn smart products monitor performance and offer insights by gathering data such as activation count and water usage.

  • Facility managers and maintenance personnel can receive real-time alerts via email, text or push notifications based on customizable parameters and permissions. 

  • The connected products portal also reveals patterns and trends to allow for greater strategic planning, performance monitoring and decision making.

  • Water use and savings can be tracked over time, providing transparency for reporting and disclosure about water use.

Zurn delivers the restroom of the future

One of the largest airports in the United States recently completed a pilot project and is now installing “restrooms of the future” based on Zurn’s connected products platform.

Sensors on the fixtures feed AI-powered insights to give early indicators if something needs intervention. During a 107-day pilot period, the airport staff learned of 46 restroom problems before they had even been reported to airport staff. This means faster issue management, a better user experience and more efficient deployment of janitorial staff. 

Connected restrooms also create opportunities. Preventive maintenance can be planned based on fixture use, not an estimated time based on estimated use. Issues that lead to water waste can be identified quickly and addressed. Healthcare facilities can measure the effectiveness of handwashing campaigns based on how frequently faucets are activated. 

For these and more reasons, the future of water management is smart and connected.

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